VOTE: Election for Mill Levy Extension and Board of Directors May 5th

The Board of Directors of Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District is asking District voters to approve the extension of a 1.275 property tax mill levy in the upcoming May independent mail ballot election.  This mill levy is currently being used to retire a general obligation bond issue approved by voters in 2002 and will raise $1.78 million in 2020.  If the extension is passed, the general obligation bonds will be retired early in 2020 and the proceeds of the mill levy, starting in 2021, will be used to support the 2020 Hyland Hills Master Plan.  A 1.275 mill levy results in an annual property tax on a residence valued at $300,000.00 of $27.35/year or $2.28/month.

The Master Plan, the product of a citizen committee, will provide the roadmap for the future of recreation facilities and programs throughout the District for the next decade but will be subject to annual public review and modification, if required.

Click here for the resolution approving the ballot question extending the mill levy.

Click here for election facts.

The following four persons are running for two openings (3 year terms each) on the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District Board of Directors:

Warren Blair      303-957-6925

Chris Dittman   720-272-8018

Jenn Flaum   720-936-6552

Steve Lechner     720 936-8363

This election will be by mail ballot.

To be qualified to vote in the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District mail ballot election, a person must be registered to vote in Colorado, and:

  1.  Reside within the boundaries of the District; or
  2.  Be the owner (or the spouse or civil union partner of the owner) of taxable real or personal property located within the District.  A person who is obligated to pay taxes under a contract to purchase taxable property located within the District is considered an “owner”.