Hyland Hills and Fire Department staff stand beside one of the trees savedHyland Hills Park and Recreation District is working with the Adams County Fire District and their plan to build a new Adams County Fire Rescue Station at 69th and Pecos Street. That plan is the result of the sale of the property, which was previously owned by Westminster Public Schools. Part of the move agreement allowed for Hyland Hills to take certain items from the site of the former FM Day ballfield, such as fencing, bleachers, benches, etc., but one thing that caught the District’s eye, that had not been previously discussed, were six trees that the Hyland Hills staff felt had to be saved.

“We work with and care for thousands of trees every day as a Park and Recreation District – they are almost like our children,” said Hyland Hills Recreation Superintendent Joe Demers.

The Hyland staff came up with a quick plan for the trees to be uprooted and placed somewhere else in the Hyland Hills District. With all parties in agreement, the six trees; three elm and three ash, will find a new home at Hyland Hills’ newest park, Clear Creek Valley Park. The trees will be placed near the multi-use sports fields to provide shade for spectators to enjoy while watching sports in the park’s first year of programmed sports activities this fall.

Adams Fire Rescue Community Outreach Specialist Carlos Briano said, “We are very anxious to get moving on the construction of our new station at this great location, and we really feel good that all the trees that could be saved, have been saved – after all we are in the business of saving things.”