Stormwater Quality Management

Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District has been certified to discharge, under CDPS general permit COR-0700000, stormwater discharges associated with non-standard municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4) Certification No. COR-070221. This certification to discharge specifically authorizes Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District to discharge stormwater from portions of its MS4 located in an urbanized area to state waters, including but not limited to : Tributary L of Niver Creek – South Platte River Certification. The permit is effective as of 5/8/11 and expires 3/9/13.

Storm drains are typically found in streets and parking lots to collect storm water. Stormwater is surface water that includes water from rain, snow melt, irrigation, automobile wash water, or any other activity that results in water flowing into the drainage ways. The water runs across rooftops, lawns, pavement and other surfaces into storm drains or seeps directly into the ground. Along its journey the water picks up contaminants like litter, oil and antifreeze leaks from cars, pesticides and fertilizers used on lawns, spilled paints or solvents, animal waste and other materials that can be harmful to the wildlife and environment.

Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District has a Stormwater Management Program to reduce this stormwater runoff pollution. Hyland Hills applied for and received, in 2011, a Stormwater Discharge Permit. The Stormwater Discharge Permit sets the guidelines for compliance with the Colorado Water Quality Control Act and the Federal Clean Water Act. Through the Stormwater Program, Hyland Hills is pledging its commitment to reduce and help prevent stormwater pollution and keep state waters clean and pure for generations to come.

simple things you can do to help increase the quality of water in hyland hills:

• Wash your car at a commercial car wash.
• Take a plastic bag with you when you walk your pet.
• Decrease the amount of bare area in your yard by planting native plants.
• Store your household chemicals correctly in your garage (i.e. store products in their original containers).
• Keep your vehicle well maintained to stop leaks before they happen.
• Use kitty liter, sawdust, or dirt to soak up a spill and put it in the trash. DO NOT wash the spill to the gutter.
• Raise your lawn mower’s blade to the highest level to provide shade to your grasses roots and lower the amount of water required by your grass.
• Avoid over watering of your grass.
• Use alternatives to pesticides and fertilizers.
• Properly dispose of your household hazardous waste (for more information call 303-658-2400, ext. 3362, or visit the Household Hazardous Waste Section).
• After household painting projects, wash brushes and equipment in your sink or shower-do not wash to the gutter.

For information on how to protect our drinking water supplies, please visit:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Source Water Protection Program
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Public Education on Stormwater Impacts
State of Colorado Non-point Source Pollution Program or Download our brochure After the Storm by clicking here

together, we can make a difference.

Get Involved! Hyland Hills encourages everyone to get involved with educational opportunities as well as litter clean-up activities.

report an illicit discharge!

Hyland Hills is committed to practicing sound stormwater management practices. If you see someone dumping illegal materials down a storm drain or into a waterway report it immediately by calling 911 or please contact Tony Lell, City of Federal Heights Building Official at 303-412-3534.

By ordinance in Federal Heights, nothing can enter the stormsewer system (gutters and surface water bodies) except for non-chlorinated water and weather related run-off.

The Federal Heights Municipal Code restricts discharges and dumping and any one of these Code sections can be cited in order to cease such activity:

Federal Heights Municipal Code Article VI, Chapter 62 (Stormwater Soil Erosion and Sediment Control) allows the City to cite all stormwater and construction site erosion violations.

Federal Heights Municipal Code Article VII, Chapter 30 (Depositing Debris in Stream Waters) allows the City to cite for pollution of stream waters.

To report a suspicious material on the land at any district site that could wash into the storm drain system please report it by calling 303-429-6775.

District Contacts

Terry Barnhart – District Planner – 303 650-7609, Terry Barnhart
Rush Calkins – Park Superintendent – 303 650-7559, Rush Calkins