This year’s Hyland Hills PARKFEST was a giant success with about 2,500 Residents joining the fun at Clear Creek Valley Park on Friday the 13th. It was the District’s third year hosting the free community festival and it was the best attended one yet.

The weather could not have been better, it was perfect, as if the stars aligned in a pact with the beautiful full moon to guarantee a memorable and wonderful evening for all.

Residents started to arrive a little before five and continued to eat, drink and be merry into the evening. In addition to the great food, desserts and beverages, the crowd enjoyed a Kid’s Zone, air castles, community information booths, the Adams County Sheriff’s Horseback Team, and the Adams County Fire Rescue Team. Of course, the super energetic Wash Park Band put on quite the show with three hours of high-velocity groove that kept the dance area busy. I think I saw a couple of starry-eyed senior citizens steal a kiss when the band slowed it down for just a moment. It was just a fun-filled evening under the stars and when the hot air balloon went up for a beautiful, non-verbal, glow-out signaling the end of the evening, people were seriously asking us the about the date for next year!

ParkFest is a team effort at Hyland Hills, with all hands on deck, especially where our very able Parks Department crew is concerned. Those guys were out there for weeks, helping to put the final touches on the new amphitheater, laying new sod and making sure all the grass was in tip top shape. They added some electrical support, hung signs, installed poles for the festival lighting, erected canopies, hauled in supplies and soft drinks and, well, they pretty much ended up doing everything. And, there was also a committee of employees which met for months before, whose role it was to pre-plan and manage a very long checklist, to make sure everything else would be ready for this special night.

Thanks to everyone who attended ParkFest. YOU are the reason Hyland Hills hosts the event – it’s our way of saying thank you for your community involvement and support of Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District. I have included some photos of this year’s event.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you again next September at ParkFest and before that, we hope, at other District-sponsored events.  Click here for ParkFest pictures