Oh Yes We Did!

Group on the treadmills at Fit by Hyland Hills

Women exercising at Fit by Hyland Hills









We arFIT by Hyland Hills logle so happy to share the news. On March 1, 2019, Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District became the proud owner/operator of the FIT by Hyland Hills fitness center located at 120th and Federal Boulevard! Conversations that began last fall with the past owners yielded a state-of-the-art fitness center for Hyland Hills that will allow us to offer a fantastic new service, and reasonably-priced fitness center memberships to our Residents and guests!

This is an exciting purchase for us because the fitness business fits nicely within the scope of services the District currently provides, and we really didn’t have anything like it in the Hyland Hills District portfolio. Plus, the location of the new center will give us more presence in the northern part of the Hyland Hills District, where there are thousands of Resident homes that we serve.

While the fitness center was operating smoothly and the transition of ownership has been basically seamless, Hyland Hills took the opportunity the go ahead and freshen things up there by providing some quick improvements as the new owners. Those improvements include minor painting and repairs, replacing lighting, installing new carpet, and enhancing the WIFI system, to name a few. Of course all interior and exterior signage is also being replaced as quickly as possible with FIT by Hyland Hills branding. All these improvements are being done at the best possible times to assure only minimal inconvenience, which seems to be appreciated by FIT’s current members.

Another big plus is that the fitness center’s administrative and training staff have remained in place and Hyland Hills was able to hire the center’s manager as a full-time Hyland Hills employee to continue in that role.

In keeping with the Hyland Hills pledge to excellent customer service, all staff members are being reminded to go the extra mile in interactions with customers. This is important because while Fit by Hyland Hills already enjoys a nice membership base, we hope to expand it with Hyland Hills Residents who are familiar with our standard for excellent facility management and our philosophy that demands listening to the constituents we serve.

We want everyone to know you are welcome and encouraged to come by and take a look at the newest addition to the Hyland Hills family of facilities. Talk with one of our staff members about a free trial membership and they will be happy to oblige. We are very proud of FIT by Hyland Hills and we hope you will be too. See you on the treadmill!