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Hyland Hills Volunteer Coaches Honored  

     The Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District is really fortunate to have some amazing volunteer coaches who give generously of their time and talent to the youngsters of our community. On September 26th, the District honored dozens of volunteer coaches at the annual Coaches Banquet. It was held at Adventure Golf and Raceway, with more than 200 people in attendance. It was so great to see the coaches, who brought their families with them, to enjoy a special BBQ, drinks, and unlimited use of our miniature golf courses, racetrack, ropes course and bumper cars for the evening. The site was selected so the coaches could experience our popular facility, located at 96th & Sheridan in Westminster, with their own kids and to have some fun together!

We truly value what the coaches do and the sacrifices they make for the children of the Hyland Hills District. Hyland Hills makes the initial infrastructure investment by putting athletic facility resources out there, but it’s the day-to-day time, effort and commitment provided by the coaches that takes it directly to the kids. Their meaningful interaction, kind correction, discipline and much-needed coaching is what means so much to the kids.

Nine coaches reached a five-year tenure for volunteer coaching and were honored with the much- revered Hyland Hills coach’s jacket. The coaches that were honored included:

Kirk Arzberger, Shayna Chichirico, Alvaro Duran, Viola Duran, Donny Nanez, Larry Sizemore, AJ Villa, Nate Vokal and Scott Watkins.

A common theme shared by the coach honorees was that the jacket means a lot to them – but the real reward is that it is just so awesome to see the kids grow and develop through the years. The honorees’ sports included football, baseball, wrestling, volleyball, basketball and gymnastics. Some coaches also noted that for certain kids, they are the only role models the kids have, so it is rewarding to be there for the kids in that way as well.

Hyland Hills Executive Director Yvonne Fischbach said, “We are constantly improving and adding to our sports programs because of the passion and spirit the volunteer coaches bring to the table.”

So, we congratulate all the coaches and especially those that earned five-year coach status! We also say to the coaches…please continue to express yourselves with those excited fist pumps and fist bumps, and those high fives too — we thank you and we honor you for all you do!

Executive Director Yvonne Fischbach admires Winning Attitude reaches Dreams sweatshirtBoard members congratulate coach