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Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District
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October Blog

Hyland Hills Volunteer Coaches Honored        The Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District is really fortunate to have some amazing volunteer coaches who give generously of their time and talent to the youngsters of our community. On September 26th, the District honored dozens of volunteer coaches at the annual Coaches Banquet. It was held at Adventure Golf and Raceway, with more than 200 people in attendance. It was so great to see the coaches, who brought their families with them, to enjoy a special BBQ, drinks, and unlimited use of our miniature golf courses, racetrack, ropes course and bumper cars for the evening. The site was selected so the coaches could experience our popular facility, located at 96th & Sheridan in Westminster, with their own kids and to have some fun together! We truly value what the coaches do [...]

September Blog

Hyland Hills PARKFEST to be an Annual Event! Hopefully, you were able to join about 500 or so of your fellow Hyland Hills Residents on the evening of September 14th at Clear Creek Valley Park for a really great community celebration! It was the annual Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District PARKFEST event and the weather could not have been better. The District’s flagship regional park was absolutely in its full glory! Hyland Executive Director, Yvonne Fischbach, envisions the FREE entry event as a one that will occur every year, around September, at Clear Creek Valley Park, located at 58th and Tennyson Street. She says it’s a big THANK YOU to the community for supporting the Hyland District’s park project for so many years before it actually came into fruition to be enjoyed by all. The inaugural event actually took [...]

August Blog

  This month we have a VLOG (Video Blog) about Clear Creek Valley Park! Please watch the video to hear what we have done already at this beautiful park, and what is still to come. Thanks!

July Blog

Movies in the Park and a Great Partnership with the Adams County Fair! In June and July, our ongoing partnership with the Adams County Fair yielded two wonderful community movie nights for Hyland Hills’ residents and guests. We have been partners since the Adams Fair team hosted their first ever movie night in 2016. That movie night, was held in the Water World parking lot and to date remains their highest-ever attended movie night with more than 600 people attending the event. It was the movie “Grease” that drew the big crowd, and praise from the Hyland Hills community for hosting such a great family event. This past June, we brainstormed an idea to bring the next movie to the beautiful golf course space immediately adjacent to Adventure Golf & Raceway. We thought, why not make it an added bonus [...]

June Blog

One of the goals of this BLOG is to provide a little insight to District residents and also to introduce you to some of the people who work at Hyland Hills. Mike Tilger oversees the Accounting Department and, as the Finance Director, he plays a major role in the success of our operation. Mike is a long-time employee and, while his role is a very serious one, he always makes time for a little fun as well….

Water World Opens This Month…Here’s What’s New This Summer!

For most people in the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District, summer begins when Water World opens for the season, which will happen this year on May 26th. Traditionally, the park opens Memorial Day weekend and runs through Labor Day weekend – but always weather permitting. I say that, because in years past, there have been opening days when crews are frantically brushing snow off waterslides the night before the scheduled season opening (Colorado weather…you know what I am talking about!), and being rewarded with 70+ weather the following day. Water World is Colorado’s original all-day-fun, true water park. Visitors have been making summer memories at Water World since its opening in 1979 and the park will be celebrating its 39th season this year. The park is deemed the largest family waterpark in America, sprawling over 70 acres and with [...]

Hyland Hills to the Rescue

Being in the park and recreation business, you often find yourself around trees, LOTS of trees. And for the Hyland Hills Parks crew, who take care of those trees, well, the trees are like family. In fact, our Parks team knows just about everything about each and every tree. One of our guys even said “they’re like my children!” Our rescue story started when Hyland Hills was told that a piece of land where we have a couple of ballfields, at 69th & Pecos Street, was being sold. The landowner, Westminster Public Schools, was selling the land to make way for a much-needed, new Adams County Fire Rescue Station. So far, so good, right? A move agreement allowed for Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District to take certain items from the site of the former FM Day ballfields, such as [...]

Hyland Hills: Saving Money to Do More

Hyland Hills: Saving Money to Do More By: Joann Cortez Communications Director Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District So, you probably know Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District does sports and recreation, but did you know that we are also in the business of saving money? Well, we are, and here’s how we do it: Since 1955 when the District was established, our collaborative approach with just about everyone we do business with has produced many unique and successful partnerships that actually help us do more in the community by saving lots of money and resources that can be used elsewhere! Here are three examples of partnerships that I want to share with you today. First, Hyland Hills’ close working relationship with local school districts goes way back to our 1950’s roots when the District was actually housed in the [...]