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Resident Discount Cards are available at the Hyland Hills Sports Center, 4201 W. 94th Ave, Westminster, CO 80031. The 88th & Pecos Administration Building no longer offers this service. Please call 303-650-7581 for more information.

Berkeley Pond Improvements

This 5 acre, lush park is nestled in the middle of a residential area on the southern border of Hyland Hills.  It features abundant grassy areas, mature trees, a playground, picnic tables and a small pond.

2020 Master Plan Improvements Description: The 2020 Master Plan called for improvements to the pond at Berkeley Hills Park. It was determined that there were no water storage rights associated with the pond. According to State of Colorado regulations, storm water collected in the pond may not be impounded for more than 72 hours. Two community meetings were held for input. Based on suggestions from the community and other factors, the pond is being redesigned to be an attractive feature for the neighborhood while releasing all storm water within the 72-hour window. A first draft of a concept design is complete and includes water wise landscaping, rock retaining walls, new seating areas, a swing bench, new walkways, and a new sidewalk along 54th Avenue.

Estimated Completion Date: TBD

Estimated Costs: $200,000

Shelter: No
Power Outlet: No
Drinking Fountain: No
Grill: No
Restrooms: No
Fields & Courts: No
Playground Yes
Picnic Tables Yes
Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District

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