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Hyland Hills’ Summer Interns
are Amazing

I am a one-person department as the Director of Communications for Hyland Hills. Throughout the year, the job is a busy one due to the fact that I work with every department in the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District. My job is to know what’s going on and to communicate that with you, our Residents, about what is happening in the District. We are a large District, serving a 25-square mile area. With 32 parks, three community centers, an indoor arena, Water World, Adventure Golf and Raceway, The Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills, Ice Centre at the Promenade, and FIT by Hyland Hills, it can get just a little busy around here. Hopefully you know all about Hyland Hills and are actively engaging with our website, receiving our three-times-a-year Activities Guide at your home, or picking one up at a nearby Hyland facility.three interns

Because Hyland Hills is fortunate to get a lot of media attention during the summer months due to the popularity of Water World and Adventure Golf & Raceway (and really all our facilities), I guess people think that is where I expend all my efforts. But in reality, my job is fully year-around. It always brings a giggle when people ask, “What do you do when Water World closes for the season?”

This summer, we decided to hire a few interns to help me and our marketing director out during the busy summer season. That decision has been so good for us because not only did we get a few extra hands, we also got four new perspectives, great new ideas, high tech digital assistance, and an enthusiastic burst of energy. Yes, it takes a little supervision and leadership, but the benefits for all involved are very clear.

Please allow me to introduce you to these impressive young people who I am proud to call members of our team…in their own words:

Shea Carlin

“This upcoming fall I’m going to The University of Alabama and plan on majoring in public relations with an emphasis in sports communications, hopefully I will then continue my education in graduate school for sports management.  In the future I would love to work for an NFL team as the head of their public relations department. This internship with Joann Cortez has helped me to discover my love for working with the media and has given me so much insight into what I want to do in college and in my future. Through this internship I have also made many connections with people that can help me grow my career right from the start! Working with Hyland Hills has been an amazing opportunity, I feel blessed. Yes, it is hard work, but I have learned more than I ever imagined I could and I’m so thankful!”

Samantha “Sami” Demers

“For my future dream job, I am planning to earn a degree in broadcast journalism with a minor in communications. I will attend Colorado State University in the fall to help further my education in these disciplines. I wanted this internship with Hyland Hills because I knew that it would help me gain the experience that I need for my future. We are already working with television stations and a variety of news media, and getting to work with all of these people, directly, is helping me become more comfortable with, and prepared for, work in the broadcast journalism field. Working as a Hyland Hills intern has given me the excitement and motivation that I need to become the person that I hope to be.” 

Audryana “Audry” Rivera interns

“Working as a Hyland Hills intern has already made a positive impact on me and the summer isn’t even close to being over. I am going into my senior year of college in the fall as a communications major at Metropolitan State University of Denver, with a minor in digital media. With that, this opportunity has opened many doors to further my experience within those realms. I’m not exactly sure what my dream job is yet, but I think that’s what makes this whole experience so exciting. I now believe I could enjoy doing some of the behind- the-scenes work required for a public relations career, something I had never thought of before. I have a good work ethic and am a natural leader too, so the thought of getting a team behind me for some cool special projects is something that sounds like a pretty wonderful future as well.”

André Simmonstwo interns

“Content is key nowadays. It defines your narrative as a brand and allows a community or business to be built around it. I want to take the strong, community-focused values stressed at Hyland Hills and apply them to my entrepreneurial ambitions down the road as a business owner. Eventually, I plan on giving business ownership back to the community through reinvestment. I firmly believe my experience working within the Hyland Hills values structure will only guide and encourage me to do so and meet my goals.”


So, if these four interns are any indication of what the future holds, I believe the business world is going to be in good, capable hands for a very long time. It is a pleasure and an honor to be a part of their journey to adulthood. Inspiring….RIGHT??