Hyland Hills: Saving Money to Do More

By: Joann Cortez
Communications Director
Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District

So, you probably know Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District does sports and recreation, but did you know that we are also in the business of saving money?

Well, we are, and here’s how we do it: Since 1955 when the District was established, our collaborative approach with just about everyone we do business with has produced many unique and successful partnerships that actually help us do more in the community by saving lots of money and resources that can be used elsewhere! Here are three examples of partnerships that I want to share with you today.

First, Hyland Hills’ close working relationship with local school districts goes way back to our 1950’s roots when the District was actually housed in the Adams County School District 50 (now Westminster Public Schools) Administration Building. In those early days, when we decided to build the first swimming pool ever in the area, we built that pool directly on school District property, a site located right smack in the middle of our designated District. Our partnership continued to grow and now we share parks, sports and ball fields, tennis courts, and basketball courts. Sharing facilities with our largest school district has avoided duplication of services and allowed direct savings for our residents and taxpayers. School locations and gyms are also used as sites for Hyland Hills’ summer camps, indoor sports programs and special events. So, instead of Hyland Hills building its own costly recreation centers, we utilizes these secure school sites that would otherwise go unused at the times that we need them for our programs. Pretty smart eh?

Second, our multi-faceted partnership with the City of Westminster includes an intergovernmental agreement that was signed in 1990 giving all residents the ability to use each other’s facilities at resident rates, (cheap cheap cheap!). We have continued to grow this partnership and today it even includes joint ownership agreements in a number of facilities, such as the MAC (formerly the Senior Center); Ice Centre at the Promenade; and Carroll Butts Athletic Park and Indoor Arena. In most of these examples, the City and Hyland Hills share expenses and the management to provide these much-needed services, which would have likely been impossible without a great partnership. Our two entities have also shared expenses in certain events, such as the annual 4th of July fireworks show. This alone has saved thousands of dollars and the community seems to appreciate the liveliness of a larger crowd enjoying the display together. Makes sense, right…and there are plenty more examples.

Third, our outstanding partnership with Adams County over the years was crowned in 2017 with the opening of the newest Hyland Hills signature park, Clear Creek Valley Park. The gorgeous regional park is heavily used by residents, and the direct result of the County’s commitment to help Hyland Hills provide much needed active sports areas while preserving open space in the southern part of the District. The County welcomed our efforts and provided amazing financial support that made it possible to complete a project that had been more than a decade in the planning (and dreaming). Adams County Open Space Fund provided major grants resulting in land acquisition and park development that couldn’t have happened otherwise. Funds and partnership from the City of Arvada, as well, played a key role and served as the “icing on the cake” for the park.

Also notable is the ongoing and significant collaboration with our small hometown city of Federal Heights, which has netted mutual benefit in certain grant requests, land trades, park development, a fire station and memorial and, of course, in the overall security of world-renowned Water World. There are many examples of money-saving collaboration with other cities and counties as well, water drainage and flood control districts, state entities, chambers of commerce, beverage distributors and other business and community partners that have enabled Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District to do so much more, with less money. Wow, governmental agencies working together, What??

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