Hyland Hills to the Rescue

Being in the park and recreation business, you often find yourself around trees, LOTS of trees. And for the Hyland Hills Parks crew, who take care of those trees, well, the trees are like family. In fact, our Parks team knows just about everything about each and every tree. One of our guys even said “they’re like my children!”

Our rescue story started when Hyland Hills was told that a piece of land where we have a couple of ballfields, at 69th & Pecos Street, was being sold. The landowner, Westminster Public Schools, was selling the land to make way for a much-needed, new Adams County Fire Rescue Station. So far, so good, right?

A move agreement allowed for Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District to take certain items from the site of the former FM Day ballfields, such as fencing, bleachers, benches, and the like, but one thing that had not been previously discussed, were some trees, that the Hyland Hills staff felt had to be saved.

Hyland Hills was given permission to remove and replant our “children” and boy did we have a glorious home in mind for them. With our Parks crew all in, the tree-siblings were tagged with yellow ribbons to await a lift to their new home at Clear Creek Valley Park, located a few blocks to the south and west, at 59th and Tennyson Street. The trees were destined to live at one of Colorado’s largest and most creatively unique regional community parks, becoming themselves, part of the draw. The park, which opened last year offers an amazing historically-themed playground, adult workout park, trails, a community garden, beautiful bodies of water, and new grassy sports fields.

The two lucky trees, one elm and one ash, were plucked out the ground by an enormous high-tech spade on March 9th and immediately transported and introduced to their new permanent home. They were placed near the new multi-use sports fields where they will become part of a tree-row, providing shade for spectators to enjoy while watching sports in the park’s first year of programmed sports activities this fall.

To the thousands of people who used the FM Day ballfields over the years, the familiar behind-the-fence mantra HEY BATRR-BATRRR! might be missed – but a short 8-minute drive to Clear Creek Valley Park will bring a smile to their faces as they see their old tree friends swaying in the breeze over families happily yelling “GO-GO-GO!” to their children as they try to make that all important goal.

Our Parks crew is satisfied that they were able to rescue a couple of trees and we congratulate the Adams County Fire Rescue on their upcoming new building, where they will be fully in the business of rescuing people!

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