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Adventure Golf and Raceway 30th Anniversary logoADVENTURE GOLF READIED FOR MARCH 8TH OPENING!

You may have visited Adventure Golf & Raceway (AGR) during the holidays, and if you did, we hope you were mesmerized by the beautiful light displays at the Holiday Lights Mini Golf spectacular! Thousands upon thousands of colorful lights and surprises were the order of the season with special visits from character performers and even Santa himself! Well, the park looks a lot different now, as the year-round staff has completed the careful month long tear-down, organizing, tagging and storing of all those lights. Now, the hiring of more seasonal staff is underway and its all-hands-on-deck as everyone prepares for the March 8th re-opening of Adventure Golf & Raceway for the busy spring and summer season. Wait…What…already??

If you are somehow unfamiliar with Adventure Golf & Raceway, you are missing out! What a great place to spend a few hours with your family, a friend, a date, a group, anyone who likes to be challenged and have fun.

The park turns 30 this year, so expect some reveTalking tree image at Adventure Golf and Racewaylry, shenanigans, and maybe even a superhero or two!

The crown jewel of AGR are the highly creative and heavily themed 54 holes of miniature golf spread over three courses: Adventure Cove, Buccaneer Bay, and the Lost Continent. Each course takes you on a separate journey of adventure, featuring stand-out design elements like a roaring volcano, beautiful princess castle, booming South Seas-style temple, roaming alligators, pirate canon battle and an enormous talking tree. The highly animated 6’x5’ face of the tree belongs to Woody…the wise and surly sage of the forest who slumbers most of the time – unless a golfer hits a hole-in-one. When that happens, the tree is awakened, unleashing baritone wisdom such as “May the Forest be With You.” Sidekicks Pinky and Stinky are two animated spinning skunks who sing in unison with Hooty, an owl, who sits at the very top of the tree, waiting for a golfer to make the shot.

AGR also has a three-level, 25-element ropes course of which few can navigate its entirety, although some do, I’ve seen it. And there is an adjacent, smaller version of the ropes course for younger visitors who are also up for a challenge.

AGR features a unique custom designed raceway too, where Nascar-themed electric go-karts offer full-throttle thrills for both single and double riders. There is a bumper-car arena there as well, where the car’s joystick offers whirls, spins and acceleration.

I think what makes AGR so exceptional is the beauty of the flowers and the friendly staff we’ve hired there. Guests can also choose to pay one price to enjoy all of the attractions, or can pay for each thing individually, whichever make more sense to you.

I had a couple of birthday parties in the Adventure Club, which seats about 50 people comfortably, and both times it went off without a hitch (and no cooking, by me…yay!). I especially like nighttime events at AGR, because the thousands of colorful lights give you a feel of being in a truly magical place. If you are thinking more people, the party pavilion offers a lot more space for bigger events.

Oh, and if you are the type of miniature golfer who enjoys a beer, wine or a frozen concoction on a warm spring/summer night, please come and enjoy that too!

So, I really hope to see you playing at Adventure Golf & Raceway this season…start planning now for the weekend of March 8th and beyond! Also, if you know someone at least 15 years of age and they are interested in a job, please have them go to www.adventuregolfandraceway.com and click on employ, where applying online for one of the many “adventure” jobs is easy!