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Carroll Butts Fields

2020 Mill Levy Funds

Hyland Hills Pak and Recreation District is committed to continuing to provide the community with the best possible park and recreation facilities and programming. We keep our promises, and that is exactly what we are doing with the Mill Levy funds from the extension vote that was widely approved by voters in 2020.

Park/Enterprise 2021 2022
2020 Mill Levy funds levied for the current fiscal year $1,778,100.00 $1,918,717.00
Year-end carry over   $602,259.16
Projects Funded 2021 2022
Carroll Butts Athletic Park Project Planning $509,296.33 $50,000.00
Carroll Butts Athletic Park Project Payment   $950,000.00
Property Acquisition $1,098,000.00  
Park Furnishings $79,779.42 $72,370.00
Waddell Project $122,399.78 $711,100.00
Sky View Improvements $8,450.00  
Clear Creek Valley Improvements $15,315.31 $475,000.00
Sherrelwood Park Improvements   $750,000.00
Camenisch Disc Golf Improvements   $11,070.00
Berkley Hills Pond Improvements    
Sports Complex Improvements    
Park Irrigation Equipment Improvements   $150,000.00
Fit by Hyland Hills Interior Painting     $60,000.00
Miscellaneous Planning $1,400.00 $100,000.00

Total Mill Levy Expenditures



Less Grant Funding (approved) $658,800.00 $779,100.00
Net Mill Levy Expenditures $1,175,840.84 $2,550,440.00

Year-end Carry Forward




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