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Resident Discount Cards are available at the Hyland Hills Sports Center, 4201 W. 94th Ave, Westminster, CO 80031. The 88th & Pecos Administration Building no longer offers this service. Please call 303-650-7581 for more information.

2023 Candidate List

Below are the 2023 Hyland Hills Parks & Recreation District Board of Director Candidates for this year’s election Tuesday May 2nd, 2023 in ballot order.

  • Paul Page
    •  720-276-2007
    • Bio: My name is Paul Page, and I am committed to the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District.  I’m well qualified and ready to serve the residents of Hyland Hills with an Exclusive Allegiance to the Park and Recreation District.  By electing me, you will get “NO Conflicts” and “NO Hidden Agenda.” I grew up in Boulder, Colorado where I lived and went to school until my mid 20’s. I currently live within the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District in Westminster where I’ve lived and worked for over 20 years.  I have served as the Past President of the Lima HOA at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport and currently serve on the Walnut Creek Business Park III HOA Board of Directors.  In addition, I serve as Director for the Legacy Ridge Homeowners Association.  My initial degree and experience in Construction Management along with my second degree and technical training as an Aviation Electronics Engineer ensure I am well-qualified to serve on the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation Board of Directors.  I have a long background in business operations and small business ownership, the most recent of which is Mad Rabbit Distillery in Westminster.  I’m proud to be a long-time resident of Westminster and enjoy living (and playing) within the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District.  I am an avid golfer, and I’m an Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot.  By voting for me, you can be confident that I will represent you in this important position on the board!
  • Mike Hald
    • 303-759-3022
    • Bio: It would be my honor to represent you as a Director of the Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District (“District”).  My goal in representing you is to work with the leadership team of the District to ensure you and your family can enjoy the wonderful facilities of the District and they are well maintained.  I have lived in Westminster for the last 18 years and enjoy all the city and District offers.  My professional and community service experience makes me well qualified for this role.  I worked my way through college as a certified auto mechanic and earned a degree in accounting.  From there I started my professional business career working for a large public accounting firm and obtained my Certified Public Accounting license.  For the last 18 years I have been part of corporate finance teams leading financial reporting, accounting, business insurance and internal controls departments for several large public companies.  My community service experience includes city council member for a small town here in Colorado and currently the president of my neighborhood special tax district.  I led the refinance of the tax district’s debt which saved over $1.0 million in interest costs to reinvest in the community.
  • Danielle Grosh
    • 720-891-0211
    • Bio: My name is Danielle Grosh and I am running for Hyland Hills Park and Recreation board of directors. I’m a longtime resident of the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District in Westminster and have owned and operated a local business in the area since 2005. Over the years, my son has enjoyed the district’s incredible parks and recreational facilities and now my granddaughter is growing up and experiencing those same amazing amenities! Having experienced the benefits of Hyland Hills firsthand, I want to ensure that the quality of those amenities and services continue for her and all the district residents. I’m an active board member of HOA for the Ranch filing #1 neighborhood and serve as board Secretary. I have enjoyed giving back to my neighborhood and would like to contribute my talents and perspective to the Hyland Hills Parks and Recreation District as well. If I am elected, I will ensure our district is run effectively, efficiently, and further support the positive changes that have occurred since the last election. I would be grateful if you would vote for (me) DANIELLE GROSH for this important position.
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