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Project Description

Swimming Pools

Hyland Hills owns and operates three beautiful outdoor swimming pools within the District boundaries, Splashland, Carroll Butts and Perl Mack Aquatics Centers. All three pools provide first class amenities including beautiful decks with lounging and sunbathing areas, showers, locker rooms, and splash pad play areas for young children. The pools host many aquatics activities for all ages including swim lessons, water aerobics and open swim.

Since 1999, the Hyland Hills Foundation has been funding FREE swim lessons for Hyland Hills/Westminster Public School District #50 elementary-aged kids. The “Be-A-Fish” Learn-To-Swim Program consists of a two-week course of daily, half-hour swim lessons given by trained lifeguards from Water World during the summer season at any one of the Hyland Hills three outdoor pools: Perl Mack Aquatics Center, Carroll Butts Aquatic Center, or Splashland Aquatics Center.

The Foundation fundraises throughout the year to fund the “Be-A-Fish” Learn-to-Swim Program and other recreation scholarships that are granted. We hope all children will learn water safety and develop a passion for swimming that will last a lifetime.

Splashland Aquatics Center
3365 W. 67th Avenue
(303) 650-7549

Carroll Butts Aquatics Center
9427 Perry Street
(303) 650-7548

Perl Mack Aquatics Center
7135 Mariposa Street
(303) 650-7547

Pool Schedules:

Saturday, August 4:  All Pools, 1-5pm

Sunday, August 5:  All Pools, 1-5pm

Monday, August 6th:  Splashland, 1-5pm

Tuesday, August 7th:  Carroll Butts, 1-5pm

Wednesday, August 8th:  Splashland, 1-5pm

Thursday, August 9th: Perl Mack, 1-5pm

Friday, August 10th:  Splashland, 1-5pm

Saturday, August 11th:  Splashland, 1-5pm

Sunday, August 12th: Carroll Butts, 1-5pm

Saturday, August 18th:  Splashland, 1-5pm

Sunday, August 19th:  Perl Mack, 1-5pm

Open Swim Fees: $2/person ages 4 and above
Season Pass: $20/person ages 4 and above.

If you have questions about any of our world-class facilities, parks or attractions, please contact us so we can answer your question!