Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District bids a heartfelt goodbye to former Board Member Donal G. Waddell who passed away recently.

Mr. Waddell was a Board Member from 1969 until he was term-limited in 2006. He was a strong, steady leader who was instrumental in the District’s early progress and the visionary expansion of noteworthy facilities in the District’s operational portfolio, including dozens of District parks, the Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills, Water World, Adventure Golf & Raceway, Ice Centre at the Promenade, the Donald E. VanArsdale Gymnastics Center and more.

Mr Waddell’s initial involvement in the District stemmed from his deep desire to address the need for baseball fields in the area. As an elected Board Member. he became more than instrumental in the development of the District’s impressive baseball/park facility located at Federal Boulevard and the Hwy-36 Boulder Turnpike. The park was appropriately named after Mr. Waddell as a tribute to his persistent commitment to the game of baseball and more Importantly, to the children of the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District. He was

inducted into the District’s Hall of Fame in 1996 where he will remain highly regarded in perpetuity and remembered as the “Rock of Hyland Hills.”

Condolences to Joan, Mr. Waddell’s lovely wife and his family who will always be a part of the Hyland Hills family.