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The 10 Best Playgrounds In and Around Denver | Denver Post

A watering can play element in Clear Creek Valley Park

Read More: Denver Post, 5/26/2021

The call of a playground is like a siren song to kids of all ages. When the space also serves what the parent and their little ones need, it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

For Erie parent Christy Schaefer, finding the best playground to bring her three daughters to became an adventure and then, in 2019, a well-researched website called Slides and Sunshine. On this free site, Schaefer gives hard-to-find details about Colorado playgrounds such as bathroom access, what ages they cater to, size and whether they are covered in wood chips, sand or rubber.

“I look at playgrounds from a parent’s perspective and a kid’s perspective,” said Schaefer, whose daughters are now 6, 10 and 13. “I also love uniqueness, such as themed playgrounds and ones that feel like they have a little something extra to make it memorable.”

There are all sorts of playgrounds in Colorado, from ones with tall and exciting slides to more natural themes to basic swing-and-jungle gym spots. Her map features more than 250 playgrounds across Colorado. using Shaefer’s tips and comments from other parents, we narrowed that down to the top 10 playgrounds in or near Denver.

Read More: Denver Post, 5/26/2021


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