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The Most Amazing Arvada Park You’ve Driven By and Never Noticed | Slides & Sunshine

Playground and slide at Clear Creek Valley Park

Read: Slides & Sunshine, 10/7/2019

If you drive along I-76, you have passed this park, and I will tell you right now, it is worth the stop! My girls absolutely love Clear Creek Valley Park and I’ll tell you why!

Address: 3700 W 58th Pl, Arvada, CO 80002

Bathroom/Shade: The park is still quite new so there isn’t a lot of shade from trees yet, however, there are covered pavilions for the parents and some rooftops on the play structures. There is a bathroom building and running water fountain right by the parking lot.

Age Recommendations: All!

This park is spread out across in four different sections – fitness zone, toddler area, sandbox/creek, and big kid playground. There is definitely something for everyone and I’d consider it one of the best parks in that Arvada/North Denver area! 🙂 If you have little ones, you’ll want to stick with them or choose a central location so you can see them from one end to the other.

The toddler area is adorable with its garden theme! Your little ones will have a new love of vegetables as they slide down celery, relax on a carrot bench and run in and out of the watering can. They’ll also love the rolling hills and little red house!

Unique Features: With so many fun features at this park, my girls couldn’t agree on a favorite. My oldest loved the “secret clubhouse” at the top of the play structure (although at age 11, she is definitely getting too tall to enjoy it for long). I love the look of the playground, with the tall trees and treehouse feel. The rope bridges are high enough to give them a thrill and the happy screams echoed through the tall slide!

The favorite part for my adventurous middle daughter was definitely the zipline! It is quite long and one where you can sit or stand as you fly from one end to the other. It has a nice view of the lake (where you could even take the kids fishing!)

My youngest is 4 and she spent the majority of her time playing in the sand and creek with her friends! The water spouts have broken or been removed since we were last there, however you can still get the water running using a button (be aware, without the nice spout, the water sprays all over!). The girls loved that there were multiple places they could redirect the water or create a small dam. It’s a big enough creek that they could walk along in the water, but small enough that they could safely leap across!

Some other useful info – there are a variety of swings (4 regular, 2 baby and 1 tire swing), volleyball courts are on the other side of the pond and there is still more park development coming!

Know your toddler would just love the garden themed play area? You should definitely check out Maple Grove park in Golden or Silver Creek park in Lafayette! 🙂

We love hearing from you! If you have a favorite we haven’t reviewed or want to add your thoughts on Clear Creek Valley Park, comment below. We hope you have a great time!

Read: Slides & Sunshine, 10/7/2019



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